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Located on one of the highest points in the heart of the magic Chantilly forest, just 35 minutes from Paris and only 15 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport, the 18th century Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal, is a resort inspired by the natural splendour of the region, taking us on a journey through centuries of history.

Embark on a journey of a lifetime at Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal – an 18th century sanctuary nestled in the stunning French countryside of Chantilly.

Rooms and Suites

Traditional french comfort.


The journey through the history of Chantilly continues in the romantic guest rooms, where the traditional French decoration reflects the hotel´s heritage and character. The greatest attention to minute details, the colour of the soft furnishings, the texture of the materials and the light that fills every corner contribute to ensure your absolute comfort.
Ideal for weekend getaways, honeymoons or simple relaxation, the hotel offers a stunning destination in an unforgettable locale.
108 Rooms of which 6 are Suites:
1 Royale Suite . 1 Penthouse Suite . 2 Deluxe Suites . 2 Junior Suites
Discover Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal – a resort inspired by the natural splendour of the region, creating an incomparable journey through centuries of history

L´Opéra Restaurant

History as a special ingredient.


Located in the Opera room, the ancient ballroom devoted to music and theatre, we find the renowned L´Opéra French restaurant. Sophisticated and innovative, the menu reflects the exclusivity of the setting of Chantilly, where decoration is designed to make you revive the enchantment of the château history.
Opening hours:
Breakfast: 07:00am – 10:00am . Lunch: 12:30pm – 02:00pm . Dinner: 07:30pm – 10:00pm

Le Stradivarius Bar

Relaxing beside the forest.


Housed in the original smokehouse of the Chateau in Chantilly, the Le Stradivarius Bar is an enchanting bar and lounge, providing the perfect place to relax or take a break. The vast collections of old books add to the historical atmosphere of this retreat.
Opening hours:
10:00am – 01:00am
Sunday 10h00 – 23h30

A unique venue for an exceptional event


A unique venue for an exceptional event.

Certain places are extraordinary in that they symbolise the events they host. This is true of the Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal, an architectural masterpiece that makes a stunning venue for anyone who’s ever dreamed of a fairytale wedding in a castle.

Nestled like a jewel in the heart of the magnificent Forest of Chantilly, the Château embodies Romanticism. It was built by Fernand Halphen as a declaration of love for his young wife and its history dates back over two centuries.

Exuding passion and charm, there could be no more enchanting a setting than this for a wonderfully romantic wedding.
Over time, the Château became a place of celebration, hosting weddings, birthdays, family gatherings and private parties.

Graceful and elegant, it is a truly delightful stage for that most magical of events: your dream wedding.
Located just 35 kilometres from Paris and 15 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, it is the ideal place for meetings and events in a refined and elegant environment.

To assist you in preparing and organising your wedding or private reception, a single contact person is at your service right up to the “Big” day.

Beyond the wellness of body and mind

Tiara SPA Suite


Some moments in your life are yours, and yours alone.

They are moments when everything around you seems to fade gently into the background to make way for nothing but the harmony of body and mind.

And it is for such moments that Tiara has conceived its innovative “Tiara Spa Suite” offer.

This service puts you at the centre of all our attention. Care rituals developed exclusively for the Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal. Like being invited on a journey, we suggest that you experience supreme wellness in one of the Château’s sumptuous suites.
Like being invited on a journey, we suggest that you experience supreme wellness in one of the SPA treatment rooms and why not make these relaxing moments last longer in other hotel facilities or on the beach.

Golf & Green Fee Packages

The Chantilly region is home to some of the most exquisite golf courses in Ile de France, which are located in the very heart of the forest.

The Tiara Chateau Hotel Mont Royal has selected two exceptional sites for you, within a short distance from the hotel. This partnership offers you the opportunity to enjoy a golfing world that is in perfect harmony with the Mont Royal spirit, where the beauty of the site is synonymous with the quality of service and hospitality.
Discover our « Tee for one » and « Tee for two » packages or create your own tailor-designed stay through our « Green Fees » offers and other services that the Hotel provides.

Our Golf Partners

Exclusiv Golf Apremont     

Spread over 80 of the 120 hectares of the domain, the Apremont course is a highly elegant and powerful course in pure Anglo-Saxon tradition.
Designed by John Jacobs and Olivier Dongradi, the layout is simple yet formidable and offers both beginners and expert players an all-encompassing playing experience.
Golfing enthusiasts will delight in playing a wide variety of shots throughout the 6,395 metre long course. The first 9 holes of the course propose a series of doglegs that are perfectly seperated by the trees, whilst the second  9 holes offer a straighter plan where golfers’ swings are definitely put to the test.

Golf de Bellefontaine   

With its rolling tree-covered slopes and its watercourses, the « Bellefontaine Golf Club » offers golfers unique, unparalleled courses in a peaceful environment.
Recently remodelled by the architect Alain Prat, the course now hosts new tee-shots, revamped bunkers and redesigned fairways. As the course is entirely drained, golfers may play under all weather conditions.
The courses are premium quality and their high-level upkeeps is commited to developing the courses that respect the environment and biodiversity. This approved 27-hole golf club offers two courses: the Bellefontaine with its 18 holes and the Plessis with its 9 holes.


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