Discover Halong Bay Experience Bhaya -VIETNAM

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Discover the breathtaking scenery of Vietnam’s premier destination aboard a vessel which exudes charm and luxury!

Halong Bay is a legendary world just waiting to be explored. Bhaya Cruises combine oriental style with contemporary luxury. Together these are the perfect recipe for an enchanting and relaxing experience. In 1917, Emperor Khai Dinh plied the waters of the Bay in a wonderful wooden junk. Almost a century later you too can embark on a voyage through time – in a vessel recreated from the original designs and with impeccable service fit for an Emperor. Reside in one of 20 luxurious cabins or suites, wine and dine in style and enjoy a relaxing – or exhilarating – array of onboard activities. The choice really is yours.

Refresh mind, body and spirit. Live the Legend – Cruise Bhaya.

Bhaya Legend: Overview

 Built in similar style to the larger Bhaya Classic vessels, Bhaya Legend charter vessels feature a single deck design with a semi-covered dining area offering panoramic views. The Legend fleet, with the total of 08 vessels, includes 01 vessel of one cabin, 02 vessels of two cabins, 04 vessels of three cabins, and 01vessel of four cabins. Each cabin offers luxury fit for Imperial Royalty. Attentive, personalized service and a maximum four passengers guarantee intimate privacy. Overnight cruises aboard a Bhaya Legend include free-flow soft drinks, coffee and tea, lunch, dinner and brunch. They are perfect for individuals, couples, families and friends wishing for an exclusive, private, customized charter cruise on Halong Bay.
  •  Bhaya Legend one-cabin vessel

    Bhaya Legend I offers a luxury Suite accommodating a maximum of 2 adults and a child below the age of 12.

    To view offers on Bhaya Legend I, please click here.

    • Features:
    • 1 Accommodation Deck with 1 cabin
    • 1 Dining Room and Bar
    • 1 Sundeck
  • Bhaya Legend two-cabin vessel

    Bhaya Legend II has two luxury cabins, one double and one twin, which offers ultimate comfort and relaxation.

    To view offers on Bhaya Legend II, please click here.

    • Features:
    • 1 Accommodation Deck with 2cabins
    • 1 Dining Room and Bar
    • 1 Sundeck
  • Bhaya Legend three-cabin vessel

    Bhaya Legend III has three luxury cabins, which offers ultimate comfort and relaxation.

    To view offers on Bhaya Legend III, please click here.

    • Features:
    • 2 Accommodation Decks with 3 cabins, 1 double and 2 convertible twins
    • 1 Dining Room and Bar
    • 1 Sundeck
    • Ensuite bathrooms with bathtubs
  • Bhaya Legend four-cabin vessel

    Bhaya Legend IV has four luxury cabins, all with private balcony which offers ultimate comfort, relaxation and privacy.

    To view offers on Bhaya Legend IV, please click here.

    • Features:
    • 2 Accommodation Deck with 4 converitble twin cabins
    • 1 Dining Room and Bar
    • 1 Sundeck
    • Ensuite bathroom with bathtubs
    • Private balcony
    • Responsible Cruising

       Bhaya Cruises is committed to responsible and truly sustainable cruising. This commitment was formed when the company was established. Today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment remains stronger than ever. We aim to ensure that Halong Bay retains its natural character and cultural diversity for future generations. This vision can only be realized with the support of all our guests and local partners.
       Our Principles
      • Bhaya Cruises engages in partnerships with local authorities to actively promote and campaign for conservation and environmental protection.We provide opportunities for cultural exchanges where locals and visitors alike can share, learn from each other and foster understanding in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

        We contribute to the welfare of the local communities in Halong Bay through our Community Cruise Program. Via this program we can arrange for our guests to spend some time in floating villages to assist in upgrading basic facilities for the local community.

        We aim to maximize the positive benefits of tourism for all local communities in Halong Bay. This includes training and employment of locals, using local suppliers and assisting in the development of sustainable local businesses.

        We actively minimize the negative effects that tourism can bring by ensuring that tourism does not divert resources away from local communities or adversely affect the local economy.

        We manage cruise operations in such a way that the natural and cultural value of Halong Bay will remain undiminished in the long-term.

        We strive to educate our guests about the destination and local culture as well as providing guidelines on appropriate behavior to minimize any negative impacts from our presence.


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