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Buried in the cobbled streets of Rethymno, AVLI is a secluded establishment created by Katerina Xekalou, for those who demand more from their holidays.

Domes, Venetian arches, fountains with running water, cool cellars, comfortable sofas, antique furniture, elegant utilitarian objects, paintings and works of art, linen handicrafts, porcelains and crystals all set the scene in the gourmet restaurant, wine bar, café and lobbies. Nestled under the clear Cretan sky, AVLI’s courtyard is home to wonderful vine canopies and harbours a fusion of floral scents, providing the perfect setting for those wishing to savour exceptional gastronomic delights.

AVLI is set in a Cretan villa with Venetian and Turkish elements which date back to 1530. Drenched in 500 years of history, the AVLI site has been home to a Venetian lord and has witnessed many events marking the passage of time. It was rebuilt in 1987 by the architect Kostas Iliakis and decorated with articles from abandoned factories, windmills and ancient villas. The grinding wheels, antiquated metal fixtures and farming tools create a magical atmosphere reminiscent of years past and years gone by.

Apart from exploring the secluded coves, picturesque villages, breathtaking landscapes and ancient ruins, there is another, equally if not more, pleasurable way of acquainting oneself with a region. That of experiencing its culinary delights.

For the past 20 years, AVLI has been on a quest for gastronomic delicacies from Crete and the Mediterranean to stimulate your palate. Set in a Venetian villa of 1530 with a blossoming garden and meticulous décor, AVLI’s culinary offerings will satisfy the most demanding of customers. Our menu pays tribute to the famous Cretan Cuisine with both traditional dishes as well as innovative creations from the best products the rich Cretan land has to offer.

Our local chef Petros Kosmadakis and his team ensure that the dishes capture the aromas and flavours intimately linked to the traditions of the island, offering a culinary experience what will allow you to acquire a taste of our rich culture.

Our wine cellar is one of the largest in Greece, with more than 460 different labels. You will find the ideal wine to accompany the delicious dishes that our chef prepares for you.

Selected Greek wines from both large and small-scale producers are kept at the perfect temperature and humidity, to ensure pristine quality, in the same cellar where the Lords of Crete stored the grapes yielded by their lands over 500 years ago.

460 individually selected wines constitute the largest wine collection in Crete


Seven charming 30-55m2 suites of exquisite beauty complement AVLI’s gastronomy and wine facilities. Each suite pays homage to a unique architectural style based on the
15th century atmosphere and provides luxury comforts that meet one’s every need, in the spirit of true Cretan hospitality.
The suites, each with its own office area, living room and luxury Jacuzzi bathtub, have air conditioning/ heating facilities and are equipped with refrigerator/mini bar, telephone, satellite TV and hi-fi, while the need for internet access is also catered for.


On your arrival, we welcome you with fruit, sweet delicacies and soft drinks. On the traditional pebble-floored terrace, which offers a splendid view of the old city and the castle, you can enjoy a drink or read at leisure. Whether you opt to bask in the glorious sun or savour relaxing moments in the “open-air” Jacuzzi you will soon be submerged in the relaxing atmosphere inspired by the suites and their location.

Dashes of contemporary luxury are nicely blended in the Cretan traditional style

History, ambience and Cretan hospitality

Raki BaRaki is our new possession and little jewel.
It is our very own, personal version of the classic Cretan Raki place.

With tables that, in the summer, lie in a cool backstreet of the town, under vines and bougainvilleas, it invites you to experience unique moments of our pleasure and relaxation.
Immerse yourselves in the traditional low sofas with the thick cushions and enjoy your cup of coffee or ice cream in the mornings.
Taste traditional spirits and rare Cretan delicacies, as well as delicious dishes by our cookãs very hands,
in an environment full of the images, the music and the fragrances of Cretan tradition.

The classic Cretan Raki place through our  own  eyes

Specialities and products that have long yielded their place to their modern counterparts can be found on the shelves of the traditional grocery shop that we have created for our clientele. Tastes and smells of the past will tantalise your palate. Unique delicacies from all around Greece and particularly Crete will guide you on an unforgettable journey of discovery to become better acquainted with our country.


Services we provide:

– Transport to and from airports / harbors
– 16-hour room service
– “Long sleeper breakfast” for those who enjoy staying longer in bed
– Laundry service
– Organised excursions, visits to vineyards and biological farms
– Secretarial support
– Beauty Salon (hairdressing, manicure, pedicure)
– Yoga and massage

We organize:
– Soirees of traditional and creative Cretan cuisine
– Connoisseur-ship evenings involving more than 460 labels of wines
– Lessons of local cooking
– Special celebrations
– Private dinners
– Various diet programs, upon request

For Bookings : https://avli.reserve-online.net/

For Guest Reviews:   http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g189421-d648531-Reviews-Avli_Lounge_Apartments-Rethymnon_Rethymnon_Prefecture_Crete.html


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